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Mutual Fund Portfolios

Our investment approach is process driven. We believe that optimal, steady investment performance is created by:

  • Appropriate asset allocation
  • Proper diversification
  • Diligent focus on risk management
  • Thoughtful manager selection
  • Active portfolio management

We have spent years optimizing and refining our approach to each performance factor. We utilize research, market knowledge and continuous investment review to achieve institutional-quality results for our clients.

We create broadly diversified portfolios that typically hold between 10 – 25 mutual funds and span multiple asset classes, including:

Domestic Equity

  • Large Cap Growth
  • Large Cap Value
  • Small/Medium Cap Growth
  • Small/Medium Cap Value

Foreign Equity

  • Developed Markets
  • Emerging Markets

Domestic Fixed Income

  • U.S. Government and Corporate Bonds
  • U.S. Tax-Free Bonds

Foreign Fixed Income

  • Foreign Government and Corporate Bonds

Alternative Strategies

  • Long/Short
  • Covered Calls
  • Natural Resources
  • Merger Arbitrage


  • Asset Allocation ("go anywhere" funds with minimal or no constraints in their prospectus)


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